Scrambled Brains

EBN - 3:7:8 [1995, TVT Records]

With production work by Meat Beat Manifesto’s Jack Dangers, this single from Emergency Broadcast Network offers three distinctly different mixes of the title track.  There’s the album version, one from Frankie Bones, and a mix by Rise Robots Rise, each of which take a different approach to shaping the material.

The album version is a hard-impact piece with overblown drum hits, bleeping staccato synths, and a looped sample of someone stating the three numbers.  Frankie Bones’ “Bones Breaks” mix takes that, filters the drums down to a more subdued level, throws in a whistle loop, some tribal chanting, and what sounds like sitar, making it more feverish in the process.

The “Westworld” mix by Rise Robots Rise drags down the speed of the beats, taking a more dub-inspired route as some extra vocal samples are pulled into play.  All three tracks are well-done in their own fashion, giving a nice introductory taste of the group’s sample-splicing headiness.