Scrambled Brains

Bill Black’s Combo - Yogi / Ole Buttermilk Sky [1961, Hi Records, London Records]

Slow-rolling rock with an emphasis on the saxophone and piano, this single offers a nice slice of the usual Bill Black sound.  Both tracks are instrumental and quick, cycling through the riffs just a few times before fading out.  A nice introduction to Bill Black’s Combo, and a nice piece of the last vestiges of pure ’50s rock before it shifted over to rockabilly.

Gost - The Night Prowler [2013, self-released]

Released on Valentine’s Day, this 4-song EP makes for a nice entry in the horror-score-inspired electro of Gost’s catalog.  It starts off with the title track, a creeping piece of malevolent bass, stabbing synths, and rumbling percussion; after that, it’s off into “Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead”, a reworked version of the Nightmare On Elm Street theme, and finally “Terror At Ten”, which respectively offer throbbing Moog-like Moroder mimicry, an effectively sample-laden techno/disco twist, and some dark and swampy acid house.

Though the Elm Street ‘cover’ is easily the most disposable track on the EP, the original pieces work well overall, with “Erotic Nights Of The Living Dead” seeming to have had the most thought put into it.  There’s plenty of energy to be found here, but having a taste for the semi-lo-fi synths of classic giallo scores would go a long way in making it palatable to potential listeners.